Employment Records

It is important that all of the information related to your current employment is up-to-date.  The system shows a summary when you view all your employment records, and because of that it is easy to scan through and think the records are updated when in fact they may not be.  Please be sure to open and edit your most recent employer(s).  The new system allows concurrent employment records.  Please identify your primary employer (or position if multiple positions are held with one employer).  For self-employed/contractors read this to ensure your information is entered correctly. 

The screenshots below how how to find and edit employment records:

From an application for Renewal/Reinstatement:

Select employment section


OR from the dashboard by using the icon link or the main menu on the left:

dashboard to employment


Once in the employment section click the pencil to edit an existing record or the add new employer button to add a new record of employment:

Employment Section


For current employer(s) clear the end date so that it will read to “present”:

Select Employment end date


Use the button on the calendar date selector to clear the end date:

Clear end date