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* “practising” means actively engaging in the practice of physiotherapy** in the Province by a physiotherapist who has met the requirements under the Act and regulations to practice.

**"physiotherapy" or "physical therapy" means the application of professional physiotherapy knowledge, skills and judgement by a physiotherapist to obtain, regain or maintain optimal health and functional performance and includes, but is not limited to,

(i) assessment of neuromusculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems and establishment of a physiotherapy diagnosis,

(ii) development, progression, implementation and evaluation of therapeutic exercise programs,

(iii) education of clients, caregivers, students and other health service providers,

(iv) manual therapy treatment techniques including, but not limited to, massage, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and muscle energy techniques,

(v) spinal and peripheral joint manipulation,

(vi) spinal and peripheral joint mobilization,

(vii) pain relief, including invasive acupuncture,

(viii) administration of physical therapy related medications as prescribed by a physician,

(ix) prescription, manufacture, modification and application of braces, splints, taping, mobility aids or seating equipment,

(x) hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and the use of mechanical, radiant or thermal energy,

(xi) ergonomic evaluation, modification, education and counselling,

(xii) tracheal suctioning, and

(xiii) such other aspects of physiotherapy as may be prescribed in regulations approved by the Governor in Council;

In addition "practicing" Physiotherapists must "practice" at least 1200 hours in the preceding five (5) years in order to qualify for renewal registration and starting in 2008 obtain 200 continuing education hours.