Labour Mobility

Labour Mobility refers to the ability of certified workers to practice their regulated occupation throughout Canada as articulated in the 2017 Canadian Free Trade Agreement (Chapter 7) which affirmed the provisions and obligations under the  Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) 2009 (Chapter 7). The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists is committed to the principles of labour mobility and the movement of registered physiotherapists across Canadian jurisdictions.

The movement of physiotherapists under the agreement is based on the similarities of categories of registration (otherwise known as permit on permit). Where the agreement does not apply, the Regulator’s registration requirements remain the same. Applicants for registration under the AIT should consider the following:

    1. Applications from physiotherapists currently registered with a practice certificate / license in another Canadian jurisdiction, and not meeting registration requirements,  may be considered under the rules of the labour mobility. Where the categories are similar, no new requirements will be expected of an applicant. Where the categories of registration are not similar the College’s existing registration requirements apply.

The applicant must complete the full registration application process online and submit all the  required documents. 

  1. An applicant not currently registered to practise in a jurisdiction in Canada must meet the existing registration requirements of the Regulator (The Labour Mobility Agreement does not apply).