Completing Self-Assessment Journals

There are 3 self-assessment journals that must be completed a minimum of once every 5 year period.  They may be completed more often and may be completed at any time in the 5 year period the audit is due, including the audit year.  For example if an audit is due in 2021 then there must be one of each self-assessment journals completed between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2021.  For all practical purposes that means the timeframe is January 1, 2017 to April 30, 2021 as the audits are due April 30 to allow adequate time for review, feedback, and resubmission (when required).

The 3 self-assessment journals are:

Learning Experiences 

Select a learning experience and reflect on it using the prompt questions in the journal.

Patient Care Self-Assessment

Select a patient care experience and reflect on it using the prompt questions in the journal.  See alternative prompt questions if you do not see patients as part of your practice (Admin, Management, Educator, etc.)

Professional Self-Assessment

Reflect on your professional practices using the prompt questions in the journal.

How to find and complete the journals:

***Please note your session may time out while you are typing in your answers to the journals.  Save your progress regularly (see below on how to) or answer the questions in a word document and copy and paste them over***

Login and view your portfolio:

Click on "View My Portfolio"

Select a Journal to add:

Add a new Journal:

A form will pop-up.  Enter your answers to the questions.

At any time you can save your progress by scrolling down and clicking on submit:

If you need to return simply click the edit icon (pencil) on the journal entry you wish to edit.  Or you can view (eye icon) or delete (trash icon) the journal :

Repeat the process with each type of self-assessment journal.