Interim Competency Evaluation Eligibility Criteria

Individuals invited to apply for the Interim Competency Evaluation process must meet all the following criteria: 

  • Have met all the requirements for a provisional registration as set out in S.20 of the Physiotherapy Act and hold a current provisional license in NS. 
  • A minimum of 6 months has passed since the applicant was initially registered in Nova Scotia as a Resident Physiotherapist. (No longer than 12 months) 
  • Have completed a minimum of 1200 practice hours, with 600 of those hours completed under one employer (candidate shall submit rationale for multiple practice settings in such instances where that is the case). 
  • Have paid the ICE application fee. (Ref. Fee Schedule)
  • Have completed a minimum of one Jurisprudence Exam. 
  • Have no past or present disciplinary issues with either an employer, NSCP or other Physiotherapy regulatory body.