Portfolio Audit Instructions

When ensuring your portfolio is prepared for audit there are several things to keep in mind:

1.  The audit is completed entirely online through your member portal.  Your portal can be accessed at any time by clicking the login button on this site.

2.  All CE must be logged into the online system to count and be audited.  You are not required to report all of your continuing education.  You should keep complete records for yourself and can use the online portal to do so, but you are only required to include the 200 minimum CE hours over the last 5 year period.

3.  You may complete the audit components in any order, however, the learning objectives should be entered after completing the self reflection journals.  You may complete this process many times over the 5 year period, but must complete it at least once.

4.  While it is important to take time to review the requirements and complete any outstanding items when your audit is due, it is much simpler to complete the activities throughout the 5 year period.

5.  CE must be logged annually to be eligible to renew.  This is a good example of #4 in action.

6.  The QPP process in general and the portfolio audit specifically are not designed to be punitive or arduous.  They are based on a continous improvement cycle and for most help to formalize and document their regular practice habits.  For others it acts to help focus CE decisions and for a small minority acts as a motivation to complete a required activity they might not otherwise prioritize.  Regardless they are a professional requirement to ensure ongoing competency.

7.  There is no need to inform us when your portfolio is ready for audit.  The audits will begin at the end of the designated time frame (April 30). Ensure your portfolio is complete prior to this date.  If there are any omissions you will be informed once your portfolio has been audited.

Below are links to specific instructions for each requirement of the Portfolio Audit:

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Update records:

Portfolio Audit Checklist - (Word) , (PDF)

How to upload documents:

Current Resume/CV, Job Description and Other Documents

Criminal Record Check/Vulnerable Sectors Check

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Accepted CE

Complete Audit requirements:

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