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The NSCP has two employees, a Registrar and an Executive Director who operate out of a "Virtual" office that was opened in the summer of 2009. What this means is that either employee can access NSCP databases, and communication links from virtually any location in Nova Scotia. In turn NSCP Members or the general public, can access by phone or internet either Registrar or Executive Director regardless of the employee's location. They will respond as soon as possible but allow 24-48 hours. They can also be reached by mail, but at a much slower pace.

Given there are two employees which one should I contact?

Contact the Registrar if your concern deals with:

  • Registering as a NEW physiotherapist
  • Renewing your registration
  • The Physiotherapy Act and associated Regulations
  • Practice related issues
  • A complaint about a physiotherapist.

Contact the Executive Director if your concern deals with:

  • The Nova Scotia College, Board of Directors
  • Registering a physiotherapy business or renewing the business registration
  • Quality Assurance and Peer Assessments
  • Verification of Good Standing/Letter of Good Standing (LOGS)
  • Administration and financial affairs of the College

How do I contact the Registrar, Joan Ross?

How do I contact the Executive Director, Mark Williams?