Renewing and Reinstating your license can now be done entirely through the online portal. 


The renewal period begins November 1 and an email reminder will be sent to registrants email, with further reminders being sent weekly until the renewal application has been submitted.  Renewal is only available if registrants are meeting their Quality Practice Program requirements (Minimum CE, Practice Hours and Portfolio completed in previous 5 years). A late fee is assessed for renewal applications submitted after December 15.  Renewal applications not submitted by December 31 result in immediate suspension of license.  


Application to reactivate a license can also be submitted through the online portal.  Licenses designated as Resigned and Leave of Absence can be reinstated through the online portal.  As with renewals Quality Practice Program requirements must be met.  Please contact the Registrar immediately if that may not be the case.   

Expired, Revoked, and Suspended license cannot be reinstated without contacting the Registrar.


The online application for both Renewals and Reinstatements are essentially the same, and are quite straight forward to complete.   There are, however, a few tips to ensure that your application is complete upon submission.  Please review the following tips prior to submitting an application for renewal or reinstatement.

Entering CE

Employment Records

Self Employed/Contractors

Employer not listed

Finding Receipts

Please note: if your application is incomplete you will be informed.  Please review the response, return to your application and resubmit after updating.