The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists

The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists (NSCP) is a not-for-profit Regulatory Board dedicated to the self-regulation of physiotherapists in Nova Scotia since 1958. All physiotherapists practicing in Nova Scotia are members of, and registered with, the NSCP. The NSCP sets and enforces the educational and practice standards in the province to ensure competency. The Board and Committee members of NSCP are volunteers dedicated to carrying out the mandate of public protection in a fair manner by following these basic principles:

  • The College will respond to issues of concern to the public regarding physiotherapy.
  • The College will ensure that registration and discipline processes are publicized, fair and easily understood.

NSCP Vision

Members of the Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists act to fully ensure public protection in the provision of quality physiotherapy practice.

Our Mission

The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists assures that the interests of the public are upheld through the regulation and promotion of competent and ethical physiotherapy services under the Physiotherapy Act

Our Four Core Business Areas


1)  Registration and Licensing - establishing and administering fair and thorough registration processes ensuring individuals licensed to practice have the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes.

2)  Quality Assurance - undertaking Quality Assurance programs and processes that ensure not only quality physiotherapy practice and public safety, but also accountability for the NSCP itself. For example: ensuring physiotherapists maintain their competence,  ensuring service locations meet expected operational standards and ensuring that we, the NSCP, continually meet our regulatory obligations.

3)  Legislation and Practice Standards - establishing, maintaining and enforcing appropriate regulations, standards, policies, guidelines, and ethical codes that will achieve optimal patient care and health outcomes.

4)  Professional Accountability - Manage a fair and reasonable Complaints and Investigation process for the public of Nova Scotia and NSCP members.