Exam Resources

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapists has resources available to all exam applicants.

* Where appropriate they may make alternative accessible arrangements for candidates with special needs. Check here if you require special accomodations. Accomodation of Special Needs

* There is a Cost Estimator so that you can estimate the cost of the entire evaluation process from credentialling through to registration in a Canadian province.

* What you need to know if you fail and exam and need to repeat it. Repeating the Exam

* Current Exam Logistics such as fees, dates, and sites of exams.

* Resources are available to help you prepare for the exams.

* There is information on the design, reliability, validity as well as the administration and scoring of the exam. Exam Validity

* If you are internationally educated and considering working in Canada there are some good resources here. Considering Canada

* There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers on the CAPR site as well. FAQs

* There are alsoprocesses in place and available to individuals who feel they have had a negative experience during the credentialling process 1) Administrative Re-Consideration and 2) Appeal Policy or the Exam Process. The appeal processes for the Exam are found in the PCE Exam Policies on pages 11-13.