Survey for Fair Registration Practices (FRPA) Act

The Fair Registration Practices Act (FRPA) is intended to ensure the registration processes that regulated professions follow are procedurally fair, transparent, impartial and objective. The Department of Labour and Advanced Education (LAE) has tasked a third party (Research Nova Scotia) to carry out an evaluation of FRPA to determine if this legislation is serving the intended aims.

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Seeking Volunteers for the North American Indigenous Games 2020

The “NAIG 2020 are an amazing Mawio’mi (gathering of people) that will be held July 11th to 19th, 2020 at venues in Halifax Regional Municipality and Millbrook First Nation. Halifax Commons will be abuzz with the cultural village, performances, demonstrations, art and softball. As we get ready for the 5,000 participants joining us next year, we have some exciting activities taking place throughout Nova Scotia.”

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New Canadian Guideline for Parkinson Disease

A comprehensive new Canadian Guideline for Parkinson Disease, 2nd Edition, provides practical guidance for physicians, allied health professionals, people with Parkinson’s and families on disease management. CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal published the new guideline accompanied by an easy-to-reference infographic and podcast.

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Occasionally, the Regulator - NSCP (Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists) is confused with the Professional Association NSPA/CPA (Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association/Canadia Physiotherapy Association).  One major difference is that to practice Physiotherapy in Nova Scotia registering with the College is mandatory, while NSPA/CPA membership is voluntary.  Click here for the NSPA's "elevator pitch" on why being a member of the professional association may be right for you. 

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