2021 Board Director Nominees

The nominees for Board Director are as follows.  The election will take place through the NSCP online member profile from June 8th-15th, 2021:



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Why do you want to join/continue as a director on the board?

At this point in my career, I have the time, experience, and desire to give back to the profession for what it has given me over the years.

What do you bring (or have brought) to the position?

As a rural practitioner with a diverse background as well as a 1st Nations practitioner who works on reserves, I can give an alternative view to those from the HRM and CBRM.




After completing my degree in Physiotherapy in 2005, I worked as an instructor at Ahmedabad Physiotherapy College where I provided in class as well as clinical lab instructions on various subjects including applied physiotherapy, kinesiology and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. I also worked in a private clinical setting on part-time basis.

I came to Canada and gained my license to practice in Ontario in 2009 after which I started my practice in private sector. I thoroughly enjoyed treating and achieving highly successful outcomes of variety of musculoskeletal issues. My passion for healing led me to explore different settings ranging from hospital, community health center as well as private clinical setting where I treated clients from all walks of life. Gaining valuable clinical experience through treating variety of musculoskeletal issues, self-reflection as well as regularly upgrading my knowledge and skills by taking continuing education courses has helped me stay up to date with most recent evidence based client condition management trends. I volunteered with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association executive committee as an assistant editor in chief for 2 years, and also at the College of PT in Ontario. I worked in Ontario from 2009-2020 after which we moved to this beautiful province of Nova Scotia in the pandemic year and decided to make it our new home!

Along with being a registered Physiotherapist, I am also a registered yoga teacher with specialization in digestive health, a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur and nature lover!

Why do you want to join/continue as a director on the board?

Being in the profession that has given me such a rewarding career has inspired me to join this role as mainly a way to give back to the profession. It will provide an excellent opportunity to positively affect change and work towards a cause that I am really passionate about and support initiatives that resonate with me.

Also being a leader who is always curious to learn new things, board duties will provide a rewarding intellectual challenge by looking at the organization in a more holistic way and learning about its various operations in a deeper way.

It will also be a great opportunity to advocate for the profession’s growth as well as learn and support the needs of other PTs in the profession to better serve the public interest.

What do you bring (or have brought) to the position?

Practicing in the field for 15+ years, I have not only gained valuable clinical experience but also made me aware about challenges faced by PTs in different practice settings with private sector being my main focus area.

I would love to be part of the positive change by helping the profession advance further and grow to its maximum potential. I also bring my own personal journey and growth as an internationally educated PT and ways to support other PTs travelling the same path.

Being self-nominating myself for the first time for this role, I would love to learn about the needs for the board and contribute to the best of my ability in required areas.




I graduated from Dalhousie School of Physiotherapy in 2014. Since then, I have worked in both private and public practice. I am currently working for NS Health at the Valley Regional Hospital, where I have been employed in the Orthopaedic Assessment clinic for the past 2+ years.

Why do you want to join/continue as a director on the board?

I am looking to gain valuable experience in a position that will provide benefit both to our profession as well as the public. I would also like to gain volunteer experience and learn more about governance, as well as gain more in depth knowledge of physiotherapy regulations.

What do you bring (or have brought) to the position?

I believe I bring a good work ethic, as well as integrity and a passion to help improve our profession.