The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists (NSCP) has a Quality Practice Program to help assure that licensed physiotherapists continue to practice competently throughout their professional career.

For a complete understanding of the Quality Practice Program click here.

Each Individual physiotherapist  has the primary responsibility for maintaining his/her competence.

The Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists (NSCP) has the responsibility to audit physiotherapists to insure that practicing physiotherapists are continuing to practice competently throughout their professional career. To do this the College:

1) Undertakes in February of each year a review of one fifth of all members Professional Portfolios. To understand the demands of the Portfolio Review click here to review the email each physiotherapist will receive once every five (5) years that begins the process.

As a guide you can expect your Portfolio review to occur in: see chart here.

In 2016 the NSCP introduced SkyPort, a portal through which members can store their Portfolio electronically in a safe, secure and password protected environment. By the year 2021 all members will be required to store their Portfolio data in SkyPort.  To learn about SkyPort go here 

SkyPort Address (remember you need your Registration Number and Password to enter). Click here

2) Undertakes Onsite Peer Assessments. This assessment process is currently under review; watch for further details.

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