Proposed Practice Standards:

As a member of the College you are invited to make representation (preferably electronic i.e email, MS Word etc.) concerning any aspect of proposed Practice Standards. Submissions are to be sent to the Executive Director PRIOR to the April 8, 2019.  Listed below are Practice Standards to be approved by the College:


An Advisory Statement is issued to advise and provide guidance to practitioners on issues / practices they need to be aware of and adhere to.

A Practice Guideline is the recommended approach to a specific professional task and allows for professional judgement in decision making.

A Practice Standard is the mandated and expected performance standard for a particular task.

Advisory Statements:

Acupuncture re AFCI - 2015

Advertising - 2014

Animal Therapy - 2015

Billable Services 2017

Chart Legibility - 2014

Chart and Record Retention 2018

Cross Border Practice

Equipment Calibration - February - 2013

Fees for Accessing Personal Health Information - June 2013

Malpractice Insurance - 2000

Physiotherapy Consultant Role to WCB - 2015

Social Media - 2016

Termination of Treatment - January 2013

Practice Guidelines:

Electronic Health Information - 2009

Managing Professional Boundaries - Guidelines

Medical Legal Reporting - 2018

Personal Directives Act, Guidelines 2010

Personal Health Information Act - Guidelines to Understanding - 2010

Sponsored Practice Guidelines - 2017

Telepractice Guide (Alliance) Adopted by the NSCP Board - 2006

Work Place Responsibilities for Physiotherapists - 2015

Use of Title - 2019

Charts and Record Disclosure - 2019

Practice Standards:

Acupuncture - 2014  See also Acupuncture Advisory re AFCI 2015, above.

Informed Consent  - 2014

Pelvic Floor Practice Standard - 2011

Phonophoresis / Iontophoresis - 2012

Core Standards of Practice for Physiotherapists in Canada - 2016

Professional Boundaries in a Therapeutic  Relationship - 2017

Referrals and Financial Benefits - 2012

Spinal Manipulation - 2018

Supervision and Task Assignment - 2011


Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct - 2005

Ethics and Conflict of Interest for NSCP Decision Makers

CPA Code of Ethics

Essential Competency for Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Assistants in Canada:

Physiotherapist - Essential Competencies (2017)

Profil des compétences essentielles des physiothérapeutes (2017)

Physiotherapy Assistant - Essential Competencies (2012)

Official Marks:

Official marks are words that have been registered by the Alliance with the CIPO. Physiotherapists should be aware of the following: